Interim Legal Management,
Professional Legal Counsel

Deal Consult learns client's business thoroughly to manage regulatory issues and get deals done effectively and efficiently. Combining long experience in the international hi-tech arena, extensive language and communication skills and negotiations expertise, Deal Consult has what it takes to get results.

"In business matters, nothing is effective
        until they have been concluded."

Maurice Talleyrand

Deal Consult specialises in software licensing, distribution, reselling and OEM structures as well as agreements for hardware and software and outsourcing or services agreements. Having worked in law firms and as In-house counsel we know what is important for business in the high tech sector and we know how to get over obstacles that get in the way of business.

Deal Consult also believes in charging in relation to the value our work brings to our clients rather than valuing our work and charging accordingly.

Deal Consult can work on an hourly or daily basis with or without a cap, on a project or retainer basis or a combination of any of these or alternatives which suit our clients best.

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